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THE LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB OF THE POTOMAC - APRIL 2013! Both Elbows Normal. We pride ourselves on having a very select, well-planned breeding program, producing top quality Labrador Retriever puppies that you will be proud to own, and love to live with. If you are a discriminating Lab lover like we are, you have found the right breeder. He was extremely smart, almost like a person at times, and unbelievably kind. Tru-Heart Labradors is an established hobby breeder situated between Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida, that proudly produces the finest dual-purpose chocolate, yellow, and black Labrador Retriever puppies available in Florida today. We offer AKC registered Labrador Retriever puppies, with our main focus on producing a great family pet and companion. What a joy just to stand and look at this beautiful boy from across the ring. Seminole Labradors focus is to breed labradors that uphold the integrity of the breed and its standard. Once we were introduced to the English Labrador Retriever, we were hooked. Our dogs are our passion. Labrador Retriever dogs from these professional breeders have a stable temperament and are very friendly because they are raised with love and care. Ann established Dove Hill Labradors in 1983 and has bred all three colors of Labrador retrievers for the past 36 years. The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog (by registered ownership) in both the United States and the United Kingdom.The breed is exceptionally affable, intelligent, energetic and good natured, making them excellent and popular pets, companions and working dogs. Ann established Dove Hill Labradors in 1983 and has bred all three colors of Labrador retrievers for the past 36 years. This breeder is located in Minnesota, and you will find a variety of lab types when you start looking for the right puppy. Dog Not Eating or Drinking Water – What To Do. As English Labrador breeders, we have selected the finest black, yellow and chocolate breeding stock available. Our puppies are bred for calm demeanors who will be great pets and will also have great show and field potential. Regardless, new breeders are usually mentored by one or more Veteran breeders. Our small specialized size ensures lots of hands on for every dog, every puppy, every day. We offer black, yellow, and chocolate hunting labrador retrievers … English Chocolate, Yellow & Black Lab Puppies For Sale CLICK HERE FOR THE TRUTH ABOUT SILVER LABRADORS! Welcome. ALL of our Labradors excel in temperament. What a handsome character he is. In addition to breeding and puppy services this breeder also boards and trains labs. Just Labradors Since 2006 A forum community dedicated to Labrador Retriever owners and enthusiasts. Lastly, it was delightful to learn that this owner plans to neuter this pup and pursue professional training. In as much as we truly love and appreciate all dogs, regardless of breed, the English Labrador Retriever quickly became a family favorite. The Labrador Retriever coat colors are black, yellow, and chocolate. Labrador puppies - $1,200 AKC Labrador retriever puppies. Labrador puppies available, yellow, black and chocolates We bought Jake from you 11 years ago when we lived in Virginia. We specialize in breeding some of the most beautiful labrador retrievers in the world. “Preserving and Maintaining the integrity of the labrador retriever” Seminole Labradors purpose is to breed with a focus on preserving and maintaining the integrity of the breed as many of the top labrador breeders have done before us. Check out our sister website, “All dogs chew, jump up, bark, and nip. Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. SO to find a quality breeder, ask for referrals. Her love for dogs prompted a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where she concentrated on behavior and genetics. Her love for dogs prompted a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where she concentrated on behavior and genetics. We are stewards of the breed, not just puppy breeders. At Sundance Retrievers we have some of the top … Type in the search engine "Labrador Retriever Club Tennessee, Georgia, etc" Not each state has a breed … According to the Labrador Retriever Breed Standard: Some are show dogs, some are performance oriented, and some do both. Silvercreek Chesapeakes are one of the most reputable dog breeders because their puppies undergo health testing including hips, eyes, PRA, … We loved him so much and he was a central part of our family. Our family and home-raised puppies are bred with all our love. “Miss Martini or "Marti" for short is exceptional. Over the years, she began to import classic English bloodlines which improved and strengthened her foundation blood. We Breed Standard AmericanLabrador Retrievers for use in the f BISS GrCh & BISS Can GrCh Gateway’s Nothin But Trouble. We breed an average of 4-6 litters per year of quality black, yellow, and chocolate Labradors. We are a full time family oriented breeder and trainers of exceptional Labrador Retrievers. Judge's Critique: My Best of Breed was Am. Our Labradors, along with all our other pets, are members of … Located on the Eastern shore of Maryland, Steele Labradors specializes in producing exceptional Labrador Retriever dogs and puppies for loving, responsible owners. Kindness, intelligence, and their “willingness to please” attitude, make Dove Hill labs the very best family companions. A beautifully put together girl. Welcome to Heartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers, where quality matters most. If you aren't prepared to live with a little of these activities—especially in the puppy stages—you’re really better off with an iguana.”, “I recently had the pleasure of having an initial puppy exam with one of your pups. All of the puppies offered are tested for temperament, as well as any health problems or genetic issues. Our puppies are very social because they are truly "Home raised." Dove Hill Labradors is located 1.5 hours South of Washington D.C. or 45 minutes North of Charlottesville. Your policies on worming, vaccination, feeding, and training dovetail with our policies nicely. Devotion to this breed runs deep. We are situated on 12 acres surrounded by pastures, creeks, ponds, and woods. ————————— OFA Hips Good. This is evident from your first contact with the breeder, and the puppies are not sold to just any buyer. Once our girl is pregnant she is immediatly brought into our home where she has her own room where she will sleep and grow to be comfortable with, and when her nesting urge takes over this is where the birthing of her precious pups will take place. Read more now! Our pups are also capable of being amazing hunting partners and family members as well. Our pups should be able to go on to play the AKC Field Trial and Hunt Test games, as well as the Super Retriever Series. TROUBLE TAKES BEST OF BREED AT THE LARGEST LAB SPECIALTY IN THE WORLD !!! Top 10 Sick Dog Symptoms Not To Be Missed. Puppies are raised in the home, on our beautiful farm fully equipped with children, creek, horses, & chickens. This breeder offers white, yellow, and chocolate lab puppies, and the parents can be seen on the premises as well. Any other color or a combination of colors is a disqualification. Sporty, happy-go-lucky “classic” Labrador temperament. This breeder keeps the dogs in the home, instead of in a kennel, so they are well socialized from birth. Cedar Haven Labradors is a breeder of purebred Labrador Retrievers located on Camano Island in Washington State. Quail Canyon Labs are well-known for breeding top-quality Labradors Retrievers near the Los Angeles, California area. We strive to produce healthy, even tempered, and beautiful companions that families can be proud to own. Temple Labrador Retrievers is located in Poughquag, NY. Eyes ACVO clear. In the heart of Southern California, McKenna Creek … We breed only the best, healthiest labradors in all colors. Outstanding English Labrador puppies that are family and house raised Flawless, low-key temperament Selectively bred with careful genetic screening And, what many other lab breeders can’t claim… OFA Certified Clearance: hips, elbows and heart; CAER/CERF tested to eliminate genetic eye defects (retinal folds, cataracts, etc) Trinity Oak Labs breeds for good looking dogs carrying superior temperament, drive, and train-ability,. If your searching the internet, start with Breed clubs. They are exposed at a very young age to everything life has to offer. We would like to tell you how much we appreciate the complete and concise ‘Feeding and Health’ handout that accompanied the pup. One of the top Labrador retriever breeders, Golden Lightning Labs offers unusual white labs as well as cross breeds. Is on the smaller side of the standard but I actually love her size (not a boat tipper). Lethargic Cat Not Eating – What Might Be The Cause? These are one of the most famous Labrador breeders in Southern California. Labrador Puppies for Sale in Michigan. Laurel Knob Breeders. And as such, we provide them with all that they need- a safe place to grow, room to roam, and plenty of attention from our large family. These dogs are well cared for from birth, and offer exceptional genetics as well as typical breed traits. Consequently, a waiting list is generally on hand for upcoming litters. McKenna Creek Labradors Southern California. Onyx is a 13-week old black pup now under the care of Najla West. We raise black, chocolate, yellow, fox red, and creamy white puppies on our family farm in Rockingham County, Virginia. Cat Not Eating Or Drinking – How To Help? I feel confident this pup will have a good life!”, “We just wanted to write to you to let you know what an absolutely wonderful dog our lab Jake was. Chambray features yellow Labrador retriever puppies with an exceptional bloodline and superior show and hunting abilities. My type of dog through and through. Whether you are looking for a puppy to show, to hunt with, or to send to guard dog training this breeder can give you what you are looking for. The top champions in the USA. The entire staff fell in love with that face. and not in an outside kennel. These dogs are prized for their beauty and unusual coloring, as well as their athletic and hunting abilities and loving disposition. English Labrador retriever puppies in every color type possible can be found with this top breeder. Come join the discussion about breeding, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! We wish all new pet owners received such good advice from their breeders. We are a small breeder of high performance, Field Trial bred Labrador Retrievers. This list of Labrador Retrievers covers notable individual dogs that belong to this breed. If you are looking for a Lab puppy, we think we have a very good selection of puppies and a […] Hunting Lab Breeders, like Bailiwick Retrievers, produce top hunting companions and of …    WelcomeTo Boynton's Labradors&Standard Poodles boyntonsbestlabradors@gmail.com301-364-6957 / 240-855-6922 Boynton's Labradors is located in Maryland. We maintain approximately 15 labs, where each one is a member of the family. This is one of the top Labrador retriever breeders because of the training and … We are a small ethical breeding facility. Winding Creek Labrador Retrievers. Contact the LRC Breeders Directory Program Coordinator in writing if you have a complaint about a breeder. Our goal is to produce the true working Labrador Retriever; a show quality Lab that has it’s drive for hunting. AKC Registered Labrador Breeder and considered one of the Best Lab Breeders in Texas – Hargrove Heaven Farm is a Family operated farm east of Dallas with a passion for Labs. ~ microchipped and health certified 3 … As one of the top Labrador retriever breeders, this choice offers show quality puppies that also have excellent hunting capabilities. Heart OFA clear. The kennel is ideally situated on 46 rolling country acres in beautiful Caroline County VA. We are conveniently located 20 minutes south of Fredericksburg, VA and 45 minutes north of … Labrador Retriever for Home & Field Marble Mountain Kennels breeds Labrador puppies for six specific traits: Superior Intelligence Terrific Personalities Outstanding Hunting Desire Natural Pointing Instinct Superb Looks Proven Pedigrees Lab Puppies for Sale CONGRATULATIONS! AKC Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. Our goal is to not only produce healthy, well sounded puppies for shows, workforce, or therapy dogs but … To breed and maintain the classic Labrador temperament for whatever your goals may be. The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. retains the unilateral right to refuse to list any breeder, whom in its opinion, has not adhered to fair and reasonable breeder practices. He was so gentle with our children and such a loyal companion for us.”. Champion pointed. Shadyside is one of the top ten Labrador retriever breeders because of the love and concern for the puppies and the breed. This breeder is a popular choice for anyone who wants a quality puppy. Unsure how to find breed clubs? Labrador Retriever stud dog service. Ann has attained many performance and breed titles with her Labradors. Cresthill Kennels is a small, family owned and operated all breed boarding kennel and Labrador Retriever breeding facility. This Michigan breeder is one of the top ten in the world, and you can find a variety of colors available in the litters of puppies offered. Our Labrador retriever puppies carry the intelligence, trainability and instincts found in only the very best. Thank you for visiting DucDogz Retrievers. Russford Labradors is a small hobby breeder located in Bath, New York; just 10 minutes from Keuka Lake in beautiful Steuben County. This is one of the top Labrador retriever breeders because of the training and care that the puppies receive until they are sold to their new owners. Summerland Labradors is dedicated to breeding English Labrador Retrievers of exceptional quality in Black, Yellow, Chocolate and Fox Red. ~Born 1-14-31 ~Ready to go 3-3-22 ~Will have their shots and several rounds of deworming. Cedar Haven puppies have a great place to start life. All of the puppies offered for sale have been checked out thoroughly by a vet and are very well socialized. We are as dedicated to them as they are to us! Instead of the golden or black Labrador retriever, this breeder specializes in the snowy white breed. We offer a limited number of breedings each year drawn from exclusive bloodlines, some not previously available in North America.

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