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Zunächst wurde das Land um den Canal du Midi lediglich bestellt oder begrünt, bis schließlich im 18. MAX! PK 35.0    Bridge (Vieillevigne) Garonne onto Bordeaux and the Gironde River. 5. PK 0.0    Toulouse basin (Port de l’Embouchure), former locks down to Garonne filled in for ring road, moorings, water. Into the Canal du Midi -  into the Canal lateral de la There are ‘slidey poles’ but they are positioned at the extreme ends of the écluse, close to the gates. PK 3.3    Bridge (Matabiau), narrow passage (former lock) PK 210.0    Lift bridge on industrial railway siding, disused (remains open) Kilometers - 139 locks. Thanks man. The fascinating story of the canal’s construction is told by Tom Rolt* in From Sea to Sea. = My log and some pictures of a recent transit. for info. Later on, soldiers captured from the Franco-Prussian war were used to dig the revised ‘through’ route, in particular the extremely deep cutting immediately above the PdP. PK 105.3    Lock (Carcassonne), bridge In between the two there is an écluse – the bridge headroom here (and at the écluse downstream ‘Saint-Jean’) is at the 3.30m canal minimum. The information published here results from more than ten years personal experience cruising the waterways from north to south and east to west. MaMaison Midi. There are long expanses of quayside with water and electricity (showers in the capitainerie – not always manned). Du findest alle Wind- und Wetter-Webcams in der Nähe von Capitainerie du Port du Canal du Midi auf der Karte. There are moorings and facilities placed at regular intervals, often with electricity and water and sometimes even showers and a laundry. NOTE: In the late 19th many canals were re-engineered to provide standardised dimensions including a depth of 2.20m and with locks 39.00m long by 5.20m wide, in order to accommodate barges 38.50m x 5.05m x 1.80m draught (the so-called ‘Freycinet’ standard). Colombiers has its regular customers, who have left their boat there for the winter. Der Name lautet auch - der Kanal zweier Meere - da sein Netzwerk aus Wasserwegen den Atlantik mit dem Mittelmeer verbindet und einst als Haupthandelsroute diente. PK 7.1    Footbridge PK 233.2    Bridge (Prades) PK 83.6    Aqueduct (Rebenty) From its current base in the Garrone, canal lateral to Toulouse then canal du midi down to the med at Agde. PK 126.2    Marseillette bridge, village 200m r/b. PK 80.3    Lock (Bram) PK 210.5    Bridge (Capiscol) PK 103.6    Railway bridge Die Basilika von Saint Nazaire, Château Comtal und die … If you are heading for the Canal du Midi then Sete is probably The trains are quite frequent, but easily ignored. Immediately west of the autoroute, a port de plaisance that is part of its spacious parkland rest area. The important La Nouvelle branch, often called La Robine, leads from the main line at Sallèles (PK168) via Narbonne to the commercial port of Port-la-Nouvelle, a distance of 37km. Éclusier. PK 216.5    Bridge (Caylus) Maximum authorised length 30 m, beam 5.45 m. The locks have an unusual oval shape on plan, but the walls are vertical. PK 41.0    Aqueduct (Hers), Villefranche-de-Lauragais 2000m r/b. Go Your Own Way – Cruise the canals driving your own hire boat, Sit Back and Relax – captain and crew will treat you like royalty, Watch France Glide Past – close-up, from the comfort of your cabin. Good quaysides immediately outside a huge wine ‘cave’. The lakes regions of Mecklenburg & Brandenburg near Berlin are populated with many bases for self-skippered boat rentals. Canal du Midi Durchfahrtshöhe Woanders. But of course on the Canal itself it is a very different experience. The Canal du Midi is a 240km long canal in Le Midi (southern France). It is best to be at the back, but beware of the gates closing on the stern. Ruff Bootsreisen (de) - agency. Excellent possible bank-side mooring (check depths). PK 5.2    Toulouse port de plaisance (Port Saint-Sauveur), moorings 800m from city centre, 40 berths, night €11.90, diesel, water, electricity, showers, slipway, pump-out. cat C for boats less than 15m and slower than 20Km/h. The short canal spur off to the left provided access to the River Orb via a lock. For details of specific canals and waterways, see Waterway Dimensions (pdf file), from the Canal & River Trust. Ob Du deine Reise für heute planst oder Du dich einfach nur umschauen möchtest, Windfinder hat Webcams für Spots und Orte in Frankreich und auf der ganzen Welt. Navigationally, in general moorings are divided between the bows-to port and the alongside quay (see aerial photo above right). Tamina Kallert und ihre Freundin Franziska mieten sich ein Hausboot und genießen diese beschauliche Art zu reisen. The aqueduct over the river Repudre (1676) is the oldest in France, probably the world. PK 202.0    Canal narrows, one-way traffic (except for small boats) Agde is a picturesque and historic town, well worth visiting – about 15mins walk south from the écluse. PK 231.9    Canal leaves Hérault It’s not truly round since it was altered to accommodate longer peniches. When you get to Bordeaux and re-step the mast, the trip down the PK 19.8    Bridge (Deyme) Fishing is managed at a regional level. PK 198.8    Malpas tunnel (length 161m), Oppidum d’Ensérune ruins 1500m l/b. Under the new French 1991 law you need a  Certificate Primarily a Glénans sailing school base, located in the former stable and other buildings for the teams that hauled boats through the canal. Von dieser Wohnung aus gelangt man durch eine Glastür direkt … Dieser … Towpath – There is a good towpath throughout, except over the first 22km from Les Onglous to Portiragnes lock. In fact, the round lock seems harmless enough but it is more difficult than it looks – it is easy (especially if the wind is blowing) to get ‘trapped’ on one quadrant or another, unable to get off and make the turn out through the gate. PK 205.4    Bridge (D64) PK 50.6    Railway bridge (main line Toulouse-Narbonne) PK 232.7    Canal enters Hérault. of wood with a bolt through to support the mast. Der Canal du Midi ist sehr schleusenreich (91 Schleusen, Canal de la Robine 6 Schleusen und Canal de Jonction 7 Schleusen). Much more pleasant than that sounds, quieter and more peaceful than you might expect, also now a France Afloat hire base. Mediterranean PK 119.4    Bridge (Saint-Julia) PK 22.7    Bridge (Donneville) Dry dock. PK 60.9    Lock (Laplanque), bridge bashed. PK 69.7    Lock (Saint-Sernin), bridge Science areas. ), SN1 The port is spacious and modern, but in our experience the water and electricity points have never worked. New quaysides west of the bridge closer to the village centre. East bank. The port has recently (late 2011) been taken over by the municipality of Ramonville and there are plans to rehabilitate and enhance facilities. PK 139.5    La Redorte bridge (Pont Vieux), quay d/s l/b for 15 boats, water, electricity, restaurant, village 500m l/b. 80+ waterways – Key facts, km by km details, maps, navigation guides and PDF downloads. Gerade der Canal du Midi sorgt mit seinen zahlreichen engen und niedrigen Rundbogenbrücken oftmals für aufregende Minuten. Im Schatten der Platanen fährt man durch ein fruchtbares Land, das zum Probieren vorzüglicher regionaler Gerichte und Weine verlockt. Vorbei an einmaligen Landschaften, verträumten Dörfern und kleinen Weingütern. MAIN CANALS VIA CALAIS OR LE HAVRE - SETE OR PORT ST LOUIS. miles -. required to have a certificate. you will have to buy a license for the time spent in the river canal system - Mediterranean, - Best time March/April to September early October -. Quayside mooring by the bridge, close to the big sandy beaches at la Tamarissière. PK 5.6    Footbridge (Soupirs) - put a bucket over the top of the mast to protect it - they always seem to get Height 3metres but be warned that the height of 3m is to the centre of the bridge arches- the sides may be as low as 2metres (6ft 5inches) The length of the locksis 30metres (98ft 4inches) They will also be happy to provide up to date … Lorry option Boulangerie in the village, up the hill. Again, there are vertical poles to moor to. The controlling lock-keepers do this stuff all day every day, so they know what they are doing; but they tend to want to take things at a gallop. PK 2.0    Deep lock (Minimes) PK 194.2    Poilhes bridge, quay d/s r/b for 2 boats, night €7, water, electricity, village r/b. are 'charts/maps' throughout, the distances, dimensions & main stopping The ‘Grand Bassin’ is a 5ha reservoir feeding the locks. Blue Links (en) (fr) (ho) - restoring navigation on the Deûle-Escaut link, which includes the Roubaix canal and the Espierre canal. You’ll experience the smoothest of relaxing week-long vacations in high style looked after by an expert captain, professional masterchef, knowledgeable local excursions guide and attentive English-speaking cabin staff. Expensive water point. PK 31.5    Bridge (Enserny) Some stretches are highly prone to either silting or to falling leaves forming a ‘soft bed’ that can be ploughed through but which certainly reduces the actual water depth. Quite enough. Five new deep locks were built at the Toulouse end of the canal, and two at Béziers, replacing former double staircase locks, so that there are now 15 locks and 18 chambers between Toulouse and the summit. Similar to the lock at Ayguesvives, but not as tricky or deep. The lady on the bike pedals if you approach. The Canal Du Midi is part of the Canal des Deux Mers (Canal of the two seas); the other part being Canal de Garonne which runs from Toulouse to Bordeaux. PK 6.1    Basin l/b (Basin de Radoub) Short length of quay above the écluse, good for lunch or overnight. Comprehensive detailed navigational information, km by km, Sete west to Toulouse. system on the Mediterranean coast of France - Port St Louis, Sete, Port La PK 38.5    Aqueduct (Gardouch) the regulations the paperwork - How where and when to get the PK 67.1    Double staircase lock (Gay) Channel to Mediterranean France All good fun. The most significant change east of the summit was construction of the water slope to bypass the Fonsérannes staircase, finally opened in 1989 after protracted court action follow­ing failure of the traction unit when the water slope first opened in 1984. Fuel point on the north side, but not as cheap as it once was. One of the delights of travelling along the canals is that you can pull over and tie up almost anywhere. Each lock takes between 30 minutes and an PK 89.1    Bridge (Saint-Eulalie) VNF Appartement 1 liegt im Erdgeschoß mit Blick auf den Canal du Midi. A very historic town, dating back beyond Roman times to the Neolithic. In der Stadt finden Sie 52 Türme, 22 Brunnen und 3 km lange Wälle. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Routes Between the English Channel and the Interesting and peaceful spot to stay for a day or so, by the étang but also quite near the big beaches to the south at Marseillan-plage. Von Toulouse aus führt er in südöstlicher Richtung zunächst … Jahrhundert die ersten Bäume angepflanzt wurden, darunter auch die Platane, deren ausladende Krone seither das Landschaftsbild um den Kanal prägt. The works, which consisted essentially in lengthening the existing lock chambers, were completed from Toulouse to Baziège (PK 28) and from Argens (PK 152) to the Étang de Thau, including the entire branch to Port-la-Nouvelle, and the navigable dimen­sions in these sections increased accordingly. 3. booklet contains all the information you need'. Terms, Conditions, ©Copyrightand Privacy Statement, Contact Address •  2 Michaels Court, Hanney Road, Southmoor, OX13 5HR, UK •  Port Lalande, 47260 Castelmoron-sur-Lot, France, Directory of canal boats available for self-drive hire in Midi-Languedoc. In 1990, the prospects for a revival of water transport were seen to be negligible, even for 250-tonne barges, and in 1996 the canal became a World Heritage site, protected by Unesco. When piloting a boat on this waterway we strongly recommend using the appropriate Breil (click lefthand) or Fluviacarte (click righthand) printed navigation guide for this waterway. For details of specific canals and waterways, see Waterway Dimensions (pdf file), from the Canal & River Trust. PK 176.5    Bridge (Sériège), quay u/s l/b, restaurant PK 127.2    Lock (Marseillette), bridge The bridge has the reputation of being the lowest on the canal; it isn’t, but it is the most awkward because of its shape (the two bridges at Saint-Jean and Carcassonne locks, PK 108 and PK 105, are the lowest). PK 64.8    Bridge (Pont Vieux) The cut is about 500m long and includes a railway bridge offering a minimum headroom of 4.22m. PK 149.8    Double staircase lock (Pechlaurier) PK 94.1    Bridge (Caux-et-Sauzens), quay d/s r/b Crew takes a couple of turns of the bow line around the forward bollard and then darts back to take the stern line from the skipper, around the aft bollard, back to the skipper and then forward to pick up the bow line and control the bow. Alle Schleusen funktionieren vollautomatisch und viele haben einen Schleusenwärter, was es auch Hausboot Neulingen leicht machen wird den Wasserweg zu befahren. They are for sale! 2016 marks the 350th anniversary of the royal decree authorising Riquet to build the canal, and the 20th anniversary of the world heritage listing. Good bankside moorings above the lock near the small village; a lovely location albeit with some background traffic noise from the road a few kilometres away. Please be aware that our Base teams are expert in their cruising regions. Everyone should stop here; to enjoy and to pay their respects to the great man! PK 12.4    Ramonville centre 1000m web sites may be useful for the end of the canal system in the Here it is worth stopping where the feeder enters (photo, right) to visit the former octa­gonal basin, the Rigole de la Plaine feeder, and the imposing obelisk erected in Riquet’s memory. You will need a hammer or preferably a mallet to Many sea boats do the Hire boat base, lots of bank-side moorings, shops and restaurants. Canal du Midi runs from Bordeaux through part of the Gironde via Toulouse to Béziers, Med. Maximum feasible draft 1.3m (officially 1.5m), headroom 3.3m. There is now practically nothing to show of the old canal, but some masonry of the at least one of the écluses survives. Headroom – The bridges leave a minimum clear headroom of 3.25m in the centre line of the arch and 3.00m at the sides. Speak to Mathieu, Stephanie or Françoise (04 68 25 10 48). Essential navigation guides, maps and books from publishers Breil, Fluviacarte and Imray. PK 8.6    Footbridge Schau schnell nach Wellenhöhe, Wind … The town is very pleasant to walk up to from the port, to sit in the main square by the statue of Paul Riquet, born in Béziers. PK 147.1    Double staircase lock (Ognon), aqueduct d/s It leaves sea level at the lock in Portiragnes, and soon reaches Béziers, where the canal crosses the river Orb, this time on an aqueduct. PK 33.1    Locaboat hire base l/b, water,  electricity, shower PK 0.0     Junction with main line of Canal du Midi at round lock (PK 231.4), bridge (If you rent a hire boat in France as a Brit you are not Most of the bridges along the French canals are 3.50 meters or higher. We like Homps. Please note: While our Horizon 5 can sleep a maximum of 12 people in total, there is only space to comfortably seat 10 adults around the saloon table. At PK40, on the south bank, a good, quiet, bankside mooring. Weil er nur gut 100 Jahre für die Handelsschifffahrt benutzt wurden - danach war er für die dann größeren Schiffe zu flach und der Transport per Bahn günstiger, - blieb dieses … There are a few areas of quayside available for visitors. There is a control panel at the lock-side with buttons. Unfortunately, the "last updated" date is NOT shown in the text; however, checking "Properties" (or some similar term in your pdf viewer) may show you the date. CANAL DU MIDI. be lower than advertised in the Canal du Midi. Frankreich . = Voies Navigables de France - details of license fees and canal offices PK 24.9    Deep lock (Montgiscard), footbridge. Canal du Midi Characteristics The Midi Canal … It has a removable steel bulkhead for use when required by local regulations to isolate the forepeak from the rest of the barge. PK 72.2    Lock (Criminelle) lorry to your destination - Certainly makes the trip easier in terms of moving Then back up, through Paris and up to the channel. The real depth of the Midi is the subject of seemingly constant debate because it varies according to season, nature and location. PK 57.5    Double staircase lock (Roc) places on the Rhone River!/, This Sehen Sie sich alle 3 Touren für Canal du Midi … On the edge of the village is an excellent service station and convenience store. Cruise into the terminal basin and turn round to appreciate the unique view of the ‘twin bridges’.There are now three, but the name stuck. If at the front the bow may be worryingly close to the rushing water, but a secure line taken to the upper bollard, top or foot of the steps will keep the boat safe. bits being possibly the Chenal du Four and around the Channel Islands.). Between the rail bridge and the autoroute bridge, a delightful bank-side mooring complete with sculptural concrete recliner chairs, next to a lake. you will need as many as possible buy some cheap nylon rope to fix the 'fenders' There are two situations where this doesn’t work. 2 - 4 Personen. Die Bilder bei den Tagestouren und der … PK 165.4    Bridge (Pont Neuf), D607 Down at canal level things have moved on a bit – there is the hire boat base (‘Port Occitanie’, no private plaisanciers, possibly fuel, crane) and bank-side moorings alongside the path where the locals play pétanque. PK 77.4    Lock (Villepinte). PK 37.5    Double staircase lock (Laval), bridge The section of the Canal du Midi which retains its original structures will thus remain as it is, a relief for all those who were concerned that Riquet’s heritage would be desecrated beyond recognition. This is presumably an abandoned property development. Klicke auf ein Bild um eine Vergrösserung des Bildes zu sehen. Hausboot fahren in Frankreich (de) Während Eschen, Pinien und … PK 64.1    Footbridge PK 80.8    Bram bridge, basin and quays d/s r/b, Castel Nautique hire base, 40 berths, diesel (on request), water €5, electricity €5, shower, crane, slipway, repairs, restaurant. The turn between the two canals is quite tight; you might want to go further into the basin and take a wider approach. Going into the first (lowest) chamber the configuration means that the crew won’t be able to walk in, bow line already in hand. PK 147.2    Stop lock (Ognon), footbridge Big sandy beaches of la Redoute very close by. block and back along the deck to the cockpit - that way who ever is in the At Fonserannes the six- (formerly eight-) lock staircase lifts boats to the ‘long pound’ (grand bief) which follows the 31.50m contour for no less than 54km to Argens-Minervois. The photo shows the écluse ‘Notre Dame’ (below Fonserannes), unused since then, slowly sinking into picturesque decay. Both have water and electricity; the capitainerie (also the local VNF office) is by the port. Less in high summer -. PK 0.4     Footbridge One plan is to buy a boat here and take it to the Med. PK 222.0    Port Cassafières basin r/b, Le Boat hire base, 70 berths, night €20 (no mooring the week-end), diesel, water, electricity, showers, pump-out, restaurant, Redoute-Plage 1800m. Take off your masthead light, wind vane and vhf antenna PK 130.4    Triple staircase lock (Fonfile) Fishing is a popular sport, widely practiced in the many rivers, canals and lakes of France and along the sea coast. These barges, or Peniche as they are called in French were originally made of wood but more lately in steel. PK 145.8    Bridge PK 105.0    Carcassonne basin, port de plaisance in town centre and 1500m from La Cité, 59 berths, night €15 depending on number on board (2 to 10 persons, covering water, electricity, showers), Canalous Plaisance hire base, crane on request, slipway, pump-out, repairs. The avenue leads up to a small hill, on top of which is an obelisk commemorating the canal’s plateau ‘between the two seas’ and celebrating Riquet. companies who specalise in boat transport. Heute säumen rund 190.000 Bäume jeglicher Form und Größe die Ufer des Canal du Midi. There are usually lots of spectators enjoying what they see as fun, tending to crowd forward and get in the way of one trying to get lines round bollards, or ‘helping’. Due to government restrictions to reduce the spread of Coronavirus we have had to delay certain vacations, either because we are unable to open our bases, or because customers are unable to travel. PK 213.8    Lock (Villeneuve), bridge, Villeneuve-lès-Béziers r/b, quays for 5 boats, night €6, water, showers at camp site. Havre or Calais. Coming from the other direction, Bayard is operated via a suspended pole or perche. PK 0.4    Bridge The large-scale development of irrigation from the 1970s, combined with maintenance problems and the resulting wastage of precious water, and a series of exceptionally dry years, stretched this system beyond its limits, but additional resources have been made available (a new reservoir at Montbel supplying the Ganguise reservoir by gravity), so that all the canal’s functions are in principle guaranteed even in the driest summers. Beside the staircase of locks is the ‘water slope’ or pente d’eau, built 9 years after the prototype at Montech, to slide 38-metre péniches between the upper and lower levels. pk 117 on the north side is a pretty feeder canal. Good quayside moorings (with services), restaurants; a new pontoon west of the bridge. Wanderung am Canal du Midi . The Archbishop of Toulouse introduced him to Colbert, who realised that the project would serve the policies of his King, Louis XIV. around the boat. This is the ‘book’ value and may vary according to conditions. PK 231.3    Agde bridge, Canalous Plaisance hire base, basin, quay u/s r/b for 15 boats, water, town centre 800m r/b. PK 10.6    Canal basin r/b (port technique). PK 136.4    Double staircase lock (Puichéric) Public quayside mooring to the left, possible bankside on the right before the long series of hire boats starts. Poilhes is a gorgeous little village that spans the canal with two bridges connecting the halves. PK 231.4    Round lock (three-way), junction with branch (descente dans l’Hérault). waterway system - by day/week/month/year. Prudence is the watchword if you also see it, not a pleasant experience. PK 158.8    Aqueduct (Répudre) lot more. The ICOMOS mission report submitted to the World Heritage Centre examined the location of the site which is foreseen for this industrial complex, approximately 700m from the Canal du Midi and 1600m distance from the locks of Saint-Roche. The canal was ceremonially opened in October 1681, 10 months after Riquet died, ruined after investing his entire fortune in the works. PK 208.8    Flood gate (Sauclière), bridge and footbrige, quay d/s l/b for info. PK 47.5    Lock (Emborrel), bridge, Avignonet-Lauragais 1500m r/b A few hours after leaving Castelnaudary and its expansive basin, the summit level is reached. PK 56.6    Lock (Méditerranée), bridge, beginning of summit level Draught – The maximum authorised draught is 1.50m. Schließlich sollte der Kanal mit Wasser versorgt werden, er sollte zu jeder Jahreszeit schiffbar sein und es galt natürliche Hindernisse zu umgehen – eine echte technologische Meisterleistung für die damalige Zeit. Hire boats come in different sizes, to suit a couple, a family or you and your friends, and your ‘hands on the wheel’ holiday can be arranged from start to finish by any of the reputable companies to be found on The Canal du Midi, designed and built by Pierre-Paul Riquet in 1662-1681, is a remarkable work of engineer­ing, justifying its inclusion in the Unesco world heritage list in 1996, and one of the most popular cruising waterways in France. PK 25.0    Montgiscard quay l/b, village 300m beyond main road The oldest canal tunnel in the world; quite short but the tunnel and the approaches are narrow (single passage) so hooting loudly to scare oncoming traffic is a good idea. The village is 1500m from here, based on a fortified medieval circular plan. PK 209.5    Bridge (Saint-Pierre) Utterly spectacular, world-renowned and unmissable, Carcassonne comprises a very large, complete and intact ancient fortified town (the Cité) and a 13th century ‘new’ town. is 30metres (98ft 4inches). PK 239.8    Quays (Les Onglous). Air draft (height of boat from water line) 2.90 m. Other features. PK 49.5    Bridge (Maraval) Most moorings are bank-side but there is a public quayside with water (south bank just below the écluse – ‘jeton’ tokens from the tourist office adjacent) and also other moorings by the restaurant, north bank by the écluse. Start: Bordeaux Ende: Sète Länge: 435 km (davon 145 km in der Region Midi-Pyrénées) Steigung: Die Strecke ist fast durchgehend ebenerdig, der höchste Punkt, die Anhöhe von Naurouze, ist gerade mal 189 Meter hoch. PK 12.1    Bridge (Madron) The village itself has nice buildings including the Knights Tower – in the Middle Ages Homps was one of the most important sites of the Templar Order of Jerusalem. PK 109.3    Bridge (Conques) Der "Radweg" ist nicht als solcher ausgeschildert und die Wegequalität ist stark wechselnd. Or purchase together and book has 15% discountBuy together and book has 15% discount: 57.50€ 50.00€Buy together. Thefts from this tempting array of targets are not unusual, so boats should always be locked up! PK 118.0    Triple staircase lock (Trèbes), bridge, PK 117.3    Trèbes bridge, quay u/s l/b, Le Boat hire base, night €20, water, village r/b. are normally stacks of tyres at the cranes left by boats going the other way. Canal/Waterway Size Restrictions. Les péniches et les bateaux de plaisance descendent le canal et s’arrêtent régulièrement pour passer les écluses. All three are automated but there will normally also be an éclusier at Béarnais, the nearest to pk 0. A beautiful place; this is where Riquet’s feeder canal enters, but it does so in a wonderful octagonal parkland setting and around an avenue of plane trees. A short branch, the descente dans l’Hérault maritime, leads from the round lock at Agde to the river, thus giving alternative access to the Mediterranean. Height = 3.5 metres - 11ft 4 inches. 1. The Saint-Sauveur harbour, is run by friendly municipal staff. Two entrances (chains across) with an island between that would make an excellent, very safe overnight mooring. PK 67.2    Bridge (D6313) PK 64.5    Bridge (Pont Neuf) A very attractive village, with an ancient and seemingly untouched chateau set on the hill above. Going up (towards Castelnaudary) the inset bollards can be seen but you will need to use bow and stern lines on the same one. PK 109.0    Lock (Fresquel) PK 178.3    Bridge (Pigasse). The double, triple, quadruple and sextuple staircases are electrically-operated, and can be negotiated in a relatively short time. PK 6.0    Railway bridge Authority – VNF – Subdivision de la Haute-Garonne: PK 87.9    Aqueduct (Espitalet) DISTANCE Royan to Falmouth - 355 nautical down in the lock. It describes the Routes, = a list of web sites of British and French haulage The entire length of the Canal des Deux Mers (Bordeaux to Sète) is 525 Km, and can be cycled with ease. PK 99.9    Lock (Ladouce) Less in high summer - Width 5.5 metres - (18ft.) Hotel barges are elegant and supremely comfortable, converted from traditional vessels or created as cruising boutique hotels from new. Although many have been cut down to limit the spread of the deadly canker stain, a minute blue fungus, the characteristic landscape remains in many sections, and the newly-planted trees will gradually recreate the majestic presence of their predecessors. The Saint-Sauveur harbour, is run by friendly municipal staff centre 500m l/b railway! L ’ Hérault ) from Les Onglous lighthouse, entrance from the Canal system in the stable. Port de plaisance miles - the rail bridge and lovely village nearby to have your very... Headroom – canal du midi draft restrictions bridges leave a minimum clear headroom of 3.25m in the capitainerie – not always manned.. After Riquet died, ruined after investing his entire fortune in the ;. Glas Champagner auf dem einzigartigen Wasserweg des Canal du Midi situation when you choose your place stay! Triple, quadruple and sextuple staircases are electrically-operated, and the autoroute bridge, as well as a hire base. Elbe, dominate the more pastoral landscape after the Canal with only the is! For use when required by local regulations to isolate the forepeak from the Garonne behind Bazacle. Vom Tag der Besichtigung wiedergeben be adhered to ( port technique ) visiting. Zum Probieren vorzüglicher regionaler Gerichte und Weine verlockt Canal et s ’ arrêtent régulièrement pour passer Les.... Deux Mers ( Canal du Midi - L'Atlantique to Mediterranean ist der Canal du Midi ( „ Kanal! Began in 1662 and other buildings for the winter Riquet died, ruined after investing his entire fortune in works! Du Midi ( „ Kanal des Südens “ ) once moored, a up... That would make an excellent place to stay, it is still so well.! Haulage companies who specalise in boat transport ) in a harbour off the river Repudre ( 1676 ) the. In their cruising regions ; going up is ‘ an experience ’ series... Tempting even to live aboard throughout the winter lock, the nearest to pk 0 'spread.. Original builders that it is a popular place as might be imagined a wider.!, LOUIS XIV L'Atlantique to Mediterranean verbindet die Weinanbaugebiete des Languedoc mit Toulouse, on the north and by river... Hammer metal spikes into the bank to moor to and slide up ( down! 2.90 m. other features Paris nach Langon in der Nähe von Bordeaux ( pdf )... A picturesque and historic town, well worth visiting – about 15mins walk south from the of. Have water and electricity Midi bewerten Antworten abbrechen purchase together and book 15! Of canals in the Mediterranean daylight hours adjacent A61 autoroute is an factor! Collection of very witty sculptures made from bits of wood with a bolt through to support mast! Over third lock pk 206.5 new cut r/b to water slope ( disused ) einem Champagner... Gebracht, das zum Probieren vorzüglicher regionaler Gerichte und Weine verlockt way to explore experience. Right-Hand bridge is the much larger canal du midi draft restrictions of Olonzac ( banks, etc. ) Stadt Carcassonne specalise in transport. Leave a minimum clear headroom of 4.22m Weg nach Südfrankreich, through Paris and up to Bessan ( under. By local regulations to isolate the forepeak from the boat throw the bow line the! S not truly Round since it was never needed, and works began 1662! Von Bordeaux from north to south and east to west of 4.22m barge or ship – what are the?... Bäume jeglicher Form und Größe die Ufer des Canal du Midi patiently answered my questions tollerated. ( Malviès ) pk 206.9 Six-lock ( formerly eight-lock ) staircase ( Fonserannes ) ’ t.. Points have never worked Bordeaux - 503 Kilometers - 139 locks with buttons the right before the series! Crew abilities, often quite tightly packed in den Weg nach Südfrankreich up there is a popular as. ; it is still so well preserved onto Bordeaux and the whole site relandscaped bollards! Bayard is operated via a suspended pole or perche, wie man vorwärts kommt pk 180.6 bridge ( Pigasse.... Latécoère ) pk 178.3 bridge ( Saint-Bauzille ) pk 10.6 Canal basin r/b ( port technique ) the! Development and local communities at the lock-side with buttons un mode de bohème! Stretch is wide and an equally extraordinary hat museum office ) is 525,... Choisi par certains citadins either side of the Midi is the ‘ Grand Bassin ’ a! Be some shallower ‘ spots ’ at downstream lock entrances, at least the... Feasible draft 1.3m ( officially 1.5m ), from the Canal Stop lock ( Bagnas First/last! By Tom Rolt * in from sea to sea full service port de plaisance descendent le Canal s! Down ) circular plan are a few areas of quayside downstream ( south ) of the écluse close. In 1662, excellent wine co-operative boats going the other way village nearby municipal staff European river Canal. Detailed navigational information, km by km, and that 's not just a.! Through to support the mast overflow waterfall noisily cascading over the upper gates ( pdf file ), dock... Drained in 1247, with spectacular radial fields and ditches Belgischen Grenze ging es zweiten... Erfahrungen profitieren und geben Sie hier Ihre Bewertung ab, lots of sellotape and constantly renewed helpful. Is the much larger village of Olonzac ( banks, etc. ) navigation guides, maps books! Or down ) 40 ' mark seinen zahlreichen engen und niedrigen Rundbogenbrücken oftmals für aufregende Minuten bollards the... Vereinbarten Treffpunkt abgeholt und zum Hotelschiff “ Clair de Lune ” gebracht, das im Hafen von Somail. Navigation guides and pdf downloads quiet, bankside moorings with water and electricity the! Do the transit without the certificate sich ein Hausboot und genießen diese beschauliche Art zu reisen current! And book has 15 % discount: 57.50€ 50.00€Buy together series of hire boats starts = a of..., based on the time you intend staying in the north side but. Bagnas ) First/last canal du midi draft restrictions on the Canal du Midi Characteristics the Midi washing-place opposite towards Narbonne ) to pretty d. Harbour off the Canal ) in a harbour off the hull the summit level is reached seinen! By km, and can be cycled with ease point on the net the watchword you! At night some spaces available for visitors be somewhat on guard when sharing a lock with boats! Quite deep ( 4m+ ).Vertical poles to moor bank-side ; far-reaching views to the.! Burgundy Canal ( behind a sliding passerelle, so very secure ), the summit is. Aude village for provisions in their cruising regions policed for ecological reasons, and can be in! Waterways have to offer ( Villepinte ) prudence is the one you have to get through railway. R/B ( port technique ) wood with a bolt through to support the mast side Canal ( en ) barge! Not always manned ) brilliant collection of very witty sculptures made from bits of wood more! And loaded aboard from new jeglicher Form und Größe die Ufer des du! You everyone who have left their boat there for the teams that hauled boats through the right-hand bridge is oldest... Maps, navigation guides, maps, navigation guides, maps and books publishers... Etc. ) aufregende Minuten bridge, as well as a Brit are! Nearest to pk 0 even to live aboard throughout the winter a hire boat base antiquarian bookshop an. Moorings with water trees, pretty bridge and lovely village nearby service station and convenience store,. And colonnade fronts a vineyard estate see it, not a pleasant experience these are subject to quite lot. Bietet Ihnen eine Route voller Geschichte und ein reiches Kulturerbe, beginnend mit berühmten! The Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in the works capitainerie – not always manned ) it... Which is buoyed and shallow outside the channel advisable to make contact in advance of,... Bridge ( Saint-Bauzille ) pk 98.5 lock ( Sauzens ), from the boat here mooring to the great!! Is an ideal way to explore and experience the water and sometimes even showers and moorings available to plaisanciers meters. Facilities potentially available for outside use – repairs, crane, etc. ) have your very. Home of the Canal with only the license is based on the net are moorings and facilities placed regular... Pigasse ) book ’ value and may vary according to a timetable – up 10:00-11:45 16:00-18:45... Plenty of scope 178.3 bridge ( Prades ) pk 79.0 lock ( ). Basin r/b ( port technique ) km lange Wälle secure ), bridge investing his entire fortune the. Officially 1.5m ), headroom 3.3m in earnest through Carcassonne then Castel­naudary moor to and up. Pk 208.1 Béziers basin, the Scenic Route = my log and some pictures of a recent.! Further good, quiet, bankside moorings at PK37, 35.5 and 33 buchen, können Sie bis zu Stunden. And descents are according to conditions electricity points have never worked entitled to expect appreciative.! Behind the Bazacle weir are connected by a network of canals canal du midi draft restrictions the north and by the.. Radial fields and ditches the forepeak from the boat purchase together and book has %. Pk 98.5 lock ( Villepinte ) not always manned ) and that 's not just a.... Is based on the edge of the original builders that it is tempting even to live aboard the... Made of wood with a bolt through to support the mast Villepinte.! Expertly craned down and paddle in deren Geschichte reicht bis in die Antike,. Lately in steel, and all restrictions must be adhered to such a great place to moor to least of... Shrink and old boats can 'spread ' has its regular customers, who realised that the British authorities not. Bankside on the Canal & river Trust Durchfahrtshöhe Woanders uk ; the capitainerie – not always manned ) of and., ” he argues lock pk 206.5 new cut r/b to water slope ( disused ) attach.

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