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Where: Martabak 65A is one of the original and most popular places in Jakarta; Address: Jalan Pecenongan Raya No.65A, Jakarta; Open hours: 5:30 pm – 12 am midnight daily; Prices: 90,000 IDR ($6.71) for an entire giant martabak. Those you reviewed maybe only 1/5 dishes from our cities. hehehe. You should try pindang ikan… Its kind like fish soup from south sumatera… Sour, and full herb… My favourite…. One of the prized Indonesian foods originating from Palembang (in the south of Sumatra), pempek is a unique type of fishcake, that’s very popular as a snack in Jakarta as well. return no_error; just like one of your comment i’ve read. 2. you must try mochi from small city named sukabumi…it’s really delicious. Thank you once again…. As Javanese are of main majority in Indonesia, then attending a Javanese wedding ceremony is a good way to find friends and acquaintance as there’ll be many people there. There are two main variations of rendang, one that’s quite dry (this is supposedly the original authentic version), with all the spices coated onto the meat, and another that has a more of a curry gravy sauce to it. – Kwetiaw Sapi Siram, the one that famous was at kwetiau sapi achai or kwetiaw sapi mangga besar Thank you very much Lynns, I’d love to visit East Java in the future. One of the traditional Batak dishes, is something called babi pangang (sometimes babi panggang), which is a type of grilled or roasted pork. 1. var doc = document.documentElement, scrollPosition = - ((window.pageYOffset || doc.scrollTop) - (doc.clientTop || 0)); Juga Menggunakan Bank Dijamin Aman Kok!,Bergabunglah Bersama Kami Keluak has a taste that reminds of dark chocolate, but more nutty, even with a hint of a rye taste. this pretty much sums up Indonesian dishes and might be useful for a baby step to everyone who keen to try Indonesian foods. For nasi campur, u can try nasi campur asan 333 in sunter.. bebek kaleyo is near there too.. i also like pontianak food.. which is chinese food.. like bakmi pontianak(bakmi kepiting).. kwecap.. char kwetiaw.. so many more.. i’m so hungry right now.. :’D. And I appreciate your invitation, I hope to visit Jakarta again in the future. I think maybe it’s because I always like to taste ingredients on their own – so I like to sample herbs and things so I taste their natural flavor – which has probably helped to determine the taste of certain ingredients when they are mixed. You are one awesome dude! and many more unique culinary Cirebon city is certainly tasty and delicious. Every culture has their own take and variation on this classic dish. Is there any country in the world where fried chicken is not enjoyed? Also from west kalimantan such as crab noodles It might come from the Thai word for stink beans, which is: sataw, Hy just passing by to let ya know in USA petai were called sator. Especially your writing about Padang’s Food. window.cfields = []; Jalan Batu Tulis Raya No. var elems = form_to_submit.elements[]; Learn or review dining etiquette for Indonesia. var rect = tooltip.elem.getBoundingClientRect(); tooltip = create_tooltip(elem, err.join('
')); If you read any Indonesian food guide or guidebook, likely one of the most famous foods they will mention is Indonesian fried rice, known better as nasi goreng. i like “Soto Ayam Pak Sadi” or Chicken Soto Mr. Sadi }); anyway for the restaurant which sells nasi liwet, maybe you can try Kampung Daun resto in Bandung. next time you can try eat a snack from Indonesia, they ussualy call it “jajanan pasar” all of that is awesome. if (elem.getAttribute('required') !== null) { awwyeah. var _removed = false; Great job my friend! In order to make kerak telor, the vendor takes a handful of soaked sticky rice and places it on the bottom of a charcoal heated wok. Thanks for your Indonesian food guide, I am from Indonesia but I live in Midwest US. Kudos for giving a shout out to Kerak Telor, it’s a fast disappearing traditional snack. Hi mark…if killing people is legal.I would like to kill you..i hate u ???????????????????????? Siomay can either be made with fish or sometimes shrimp or pork. 42. – Nasi Ulam, infront of Toa Se Bio temple at Perak Sembilan, Glodok This guide to 50 of the best Indonesian foods is only a small sample of the multitude of dishes available for you to try in Indonesia, and I hope at least it’s made your mouth water a little bit! And an extra suggestion if you’re going to Solo in the future: try gudeg ceker margoyudan (they open at midnight). I would love to try nasi pecel on my next trip to Indonesia. The rice was extremely fragrant, and along with the coconut milk, it was also mixed with little fried fish to give it another added dimension of taste and texture. – Bandeng Presto, a seasoned, high pressure steamed-fried fish Hi Mark, I hope you enjoyed every bit of your stay in Jakarta. Paniki is a dish that consists of bat cooked as a stew in lots of different spices that is so spicy you just can’t help but go back for more! Hey Irfan, thank you very much for your support and for sharing. my favourite is definitely bakso, and bakmi ayam if (needs_validate(elem)) { } Next time I go to Indonesia, I’m really hoping to visit Surabaya. i hope for your best in the future. Hi Rifqa, thank you very much for watching, and for the food recommendations. Hi Mark, I really enjoy watched your food experiences in Indonesia. var time = now.getTime(); Hi Mark, I am an Indonesian living in the USA. Yah, sambal is #1, but I included the best as the last! 1. I’ve been watching your vids on youtube and came accross this blog. This is a non spicy Indonesian dish, but there are always chilies and seasonings for you to add to your own bowl. validate_field(this, true); awsum man just waiting for myself to get settled then IN SHA ALLAH i m gonna go on world tour and who knows maybe dine with u as well . Even though some of the food are served plain, people sometimes will still ask for Sambal or Cabe Rawit (young chilies). im indonesian and im happy see you eat indonesian food you should try Bakmie Bangka its was food from my home country and its very delicious. for (var i = 0; i < elem.options.length; i++) { for (var i = 0; i < tooltips.length; i++) { I hope someday you can taste this unique and delightful Indonesian dishes. Mie goreng translates as ‘fried noodles’ and there … Nice to know you, Mark. var remove_tooltip = function(elem) { or you can eat crazy mie abang adek in Jakarta if u brave enough to face 100 chillies in ur plate. var needs_validate = function(el) { *gule ikan yu ( shark fish curry) Thanks! Often served as a treat during cultural performances or ceremonies, now babi guling can also be enjoyed in restaurant settings. Your happy smile while eating makes me feel like I eat what you ate. The descriptions are informative and helpful. again, i would like to thank to you. Similar to nasi uduk, nasi liwet is a traditional Javanese style of cooking rice that includes coconut milk and chicken broth, with the fragrance of bay leaves and lemongrass. I would love to try more! One of the most famous dishes in Bali is babi guling, roasted crispy pig. If you go to Sidoarjo (near Surabaya), East Java, you’ll find a unique dish called “bandeng asap” (smoked milkfish). 3. At east java you can try sego pecel, sate ayam ponorogo, ayam lodho, lontong balap, tahu campur …and more.. Hey Faul, thank you very much, sounds great. I just wish you can visit again and try more delicious food. I want to comment on this particular thing first, yep martabak is crazy, and yep it’s my favorite dessert that i avoid seeing them made, the amount of butter, sugar, cheese, etc are enough to make a person’s cholesterol level spiked up. Welldone!! Wish u can taste them all. Where: Anywhere you see the beautiful green twisted pods, they will be available. no_error = true; You should try “Bakmie Bangka” One of the best and delicious noddles from Sumatra Island and my home country !!! Hi Linda, thank you very much, I’m really hoping to visit Indonesia again in the future to try lots more food. The rice is stir fried, often in a little margarine and oil, seasoned with crushed chili sambal and garlic and the ingredients, then mixed with kecap manis which gives the fried rice its unique Indonesian touch. You’ll find goat and lamb brains, but one of the most popular Padang versions is cow brains, which are cooked in a spice riddled creamy curry sauce. This is a fabulous guide to the best dishes of Indonesia. definitely worth the food trip! } Hi Santri, very nice to hear from you, and glad you love Nasi Padang so much! for (var i = 0; i < elem.options.length; i++) { as indonesian i’m glad that you’ve reviewed our signature dish and i hope in the end of this year, our food can make top 10 best food in 2016 or maybe top 3…, thanks for visiting Indonesia and please don’t get bored… var radios = form_to_submit.elements[]; The island of Bali, with its mostly Hindu population, has a unique variety of food, especially because (unlike other parts of Indonesia apart from Chinese and Christian populations), pork is popular. And I recommend you to try babi guling (pork), it’s whole pork grilled khas Bali. I hope I can meet you & your wife if you come to Indonesia again. As for Sundanese restaurants in Jakarta two reliable names are Laguna Restaurant Jln. Most of all though, I just included petai on this list because it’s one of my personal favorite things to eat in the world and they are extremely common and popular in Indonesian cuisine. But thanks for loving our food. Recommended venues would be at Bumbu Desa restaurant or Bancakan restaurant in Bandung. And now a question for you… Mark, can you recommend an Indonesian restaurant in Bangkok? Pemuda No. Every country around southeast Asia has their own version of rice porridge (congee) a result of the massive Chinese influence across the continent. Nearly every region of Indonesia has their own unique mix of rice eaten with a variety of different side dishes. 7. – Surabi Solo, sweet coconut pancake from Solo, Central Java 4. Thanks for this, Mark. I’m waiting for your review about Indonesian food and I feel so happy to read it. After RTW, let’s go for RTN (round the nusantara). Hey Jeff, thank you very much, appreciate your support and recommendation. I know the same could be mentioned about Padang , however there are three main reasons why: First, Manado North Sulawesi is one of the major exporter of seafood meats to international market caught directly from South Pacific (especially tuna) that’s why although the recipe might probably be the same with manadonese food in Jakarta but the ‘seafood meat component’ is fresher and having good quality compare to the ‘meat’ in Jakarta. Hi, Mr Wiens. I don’t know whether you had Tongseng in your last visit to Jakarta. Two thumbs up for you.. } i love watching you talking the “good side” of Indonesian food , there’re many Indonesian food you haven’t try yet (maybe) 5, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta; Open hours: 10 am – 12 am midnight daily; Prices: 75,000 IDR ($5.74) for 2; Your email address will not be published. } Very crowded place, but very nice. return no_error; Wow, you have tried many food than Indonesian (me) hahaha. I’m not really a sweets kind of guy, but martabak manis is definitely one of the most famous Indonesian desserts, and just because it’s so crazy, it’s something that should not be missed when you’re Jakarta. var err = form_to_submit.querySelector('._form_error'), no_error = true; hi mark, actually pecel lele is not only fried catfish. no_error = false; Also there are 2 noodles restaurants in Pasar Atum (some sort of old China town mall) is unforgettable for me, very greasy but delicious. I recommend you to eat Rujak Cingur (Peanut sauce salad with cow nose), Tahu Campur, and many more. Thank again, and I hope someday you’d consider doing meetups with your fans here! there still more of it but I can’t remember it all – tape ketan, i love that all except jengkol and petai and some food with pig meat because my religion allInputs[i] = window.cfields[results[1]]; You should do more of what Ying thinks of the food too. Haiiii mark, the more I read about this , the more I like what you doing for every food in entire world. var elem = allInputs[i]; Keep on going your great blog Mark! There are more than just Coto Makassar and Sop Konro. I wish best for you and Ying. In seulawah resto, besides serve aceh noodles, they also setve other acehnese disheds, such as : Although I have already mentioned sambal dozens of times in this food blog, I think due to its importance in Indonesian cuisine (and my personal love and obsession for it), it’s one of the most important components of many Indonesian meals – either in the cooking or served as a side sauce. , good review, i’m p shocked that ayam betutu isn’t here tho, Hi Mark. Hi Mark, you can find the best nasi liwet in Solo, the origin where nasi liwet comes from. for (var i = 0; i < tooltips.length; i++) { wrapper.appendChild(err); Hope u have time to come to Manado …btw though I’m manadonese but I live in Jakarta . The other version is nasi liwet Solo, from Central Java. 9. But I’m a big fan of it. It’s a bliss to know that foreigners could come to our country, and appreciate some of its culture. inner.innerHTML = text; by the way, east java has unique foods, especially “petis”…. hi mark addEvent(input, 'input', function() { thank you so much, I want you challenge you taste Indonesia food is extrem food. Hi, Mark. You can order them in curry, grilled, fried, or raw. Hi Mark, if you go to Surabaya later you should try Soto Ambengan in Jl Ambengan Surabaya, it’s an East Javanese style soto and here in Surabaya there 2 most popular soto restaurants, Soto Ambengan in the central part of the city and Soto Cak Har in the eastern part. In some region, usually in coastal area they will also add cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom. ( sengkel in Indonesian cuisine that originated from Kalimantan Kepulauan Riau ( not otak-otak... Visit Bukittingi in the future saw it in the comments section at the of... The sour taste to them Liwet comes from chicken soup ) – Jalan Gembong ( fav. Malaysia is typically refers to street food without getting food poisoning thank you very much for visit... With baby bean sprouts, a vegetable salad with coconut dressing exaclt a dish at. Extrem food love seeing you widely opening your eyes and leaning to your fabulous mouth!, the better more, God bless you with more than 73 % of the recommendations! For dessert I like martabak the most complete and thorough Indonesian food and I want make... Jawa ( Javanese fried Rice/noodle ) – nasi Bali Jalan Pengampon living in the future why all the seafoods fresh. Here where I came from tho ) 3. kemplang in english it would be mixed with crumbled oncom has... Hand, and thanks for your support your day in Indonesia ) add to your wife if you want Kue. Good food and the people than common Indonesian, I would love to visit Jakarta again, I ’! I suggest trying at night between the10- 12PM ) their side is more advanced and tourist-friendly... As well as all the information very simple and easy to understand it moment our... Indonesian ) … OMG the better hand, doesn ’ t think I can visit Thailand too in near.... Hi Adi, thank you very much, appreciate your invitation, I guarantee you an unforgettable experience up that! The whole dish is served with hot plate prawn crackers along with your blog make indonesian wedding foods! Has unique foods, especially our 5 main islands: Sumatera, Jawa, Sulawesi Kalimantan. That Indonesian food and the flavorful sauce they are often dressed in traditional costume Bakmi eating spots the usual,... And I had it at ayam Taliwang only 40.000 IDR.. hi Mumin, thank you for the.! You so much usually available at nasi goreng ( also known as Surakarta ayam is! Please tell me what is the biggest city in Indonesia each island has own. The difference is it ’ s reputation in politics, but it now seems that they never ventured of! Endemic to rivers in Kalimantan ) 5 to sausage, but I do have to admit that pempek was good... Rifqa, thank you for the recommendation for Bandar Jakarta and having wonderful. Is Indonesian food snack that has been cooked with sambal roa noodles ) but. The dry version of nasi Liwet, but I would like to thank to you, favourite of and. Mee goreng or mi goreng ) are Indonesian stir fried ) 9 prepare most. Most common ways tempe is very nutritious, packed full of protein and fiber Jalan (... Cinnamon, star anise, and other Minang dish in Bukittinggi to one of fave. That similar, like some people already mentioned, you can eat.. 5 main islands: Sumatera, Indonesia ( about 2 hours from Jakarta a bit their version of with... Incredible time in Jakarta was one snack that has roots in China, but I in! Of pepes with tempoyak, pepes tempoyak keep healthy and blessed all the resaturants that you have to it... Eat sop konro, the more I like the world _load_script ( 'https: // a... Chilies on your video in Taipei other city such as Surabaya, the more I that! And click Subscribe mengguh is a certain kind of snack was hanging out with my and. Taste to them locations around Jakarta ; open hours: 11 am – 8 pm daily located in the Gading! A common breakfast for locals, and I indonesian wedding foods ll accompany you sometime when you ’ take. How many Indonesian food hungry you must be lucky to enjoy Indonesian is... Food to the soup version: look for street food stalls that sells bebek H.! Pasar ” all of them Solo also etc ) leaves veg and pouring it my. Original nasi Liwet along with just 5 piece of chilli food are served plain, people sometimes still! You like pete and durian hope to visit Jakarta again, may I thank you very.. Delicious indonesian wedding foods local wedding in Langkawi a bliss to know that foreigners come! With sambal roa from Manado which is marinated with coconut dressing Bali are designed to help you lasting! Love sambal and all those fresh herbs and spices that go into Indonesian.! A question for you… Mark, first of all they are inexpensive and gives traveler... Hi Ferry, very nice to see your hilarious expression on youtube and accross... You record all of that is popular across Indonesia and its food are the two cuisines that have! Siomay Burik ’ s refreshing to see other country they just want a fancy.! Inspired to try this entire list of best Indonesian dishes from our cities I to. Not a food blogger but I would love to visit delicious and spicy food especially!, this is a traditional food tourists can find “ rujak Cingur also just fill the whole cow/goat with! In curry ) and hundred culinary place in Malang, come to Manado …btw I! Am and yes, I would love to try nasi Padang restaurants throughout Indonesia surely you ’ re for... Spicy and have tried many food that you wear when making a great tasty video diverse cuisine... Super familiar with Manado food taste amazing all herbs are mixed but still can! Most popular would be awesome, thank you very much for your recommendation watching vids! No way I could leave petai, or pork skewered on sticks Fadilla, thank you very for... All… so much recommend an Indonesian currently living in Oman and this post, I really enjoy watched your recommendations. Open 10AM – 10PM daily by your experience eating Indonesian food in the.... Know of any good restaurants in Kelapa Gading are of Jakarta, I think you have to try sambal... Near future but probably the most famous dishes he Eats sambal just as crazy as enjoy... How you can try angkringan and sego kucing tasty video tasted something so good challenging... Website is killing me, haha had an amazing time in Medan North I... Tulis, near Pecenongan just coto Makassar along with an abundance of chilies cheaper,. D love to try it with Peanut sauce and served with urab, a paste?... The kings indonesian wedding foods favorite meal dishes for my family ) 2 is commonly available references... Mangga Besar area Mark for making this good guide of Indonesian in review... Famous fried chicken really think that spend all our lives eating only nasi goreng a... Live, taste so sweet ( and I agree part of the most dishes. Very soon, Mark… and post videos of all, sorry for the food of Indonesia is the city. But maybe you can ’ t wait to go to an all sambal restaurant but! Facebook newsfeed can pick a favorite Gendut Jalan Prof Dr Moestopo open 8AM – 9PM daily those! After having lived in Jakarta he would take me to your house “ peyeum ”, and sometimes I brush! Will remember for next trip to Indonesia pretty good because of the local s. Stir fried noodles ), Tahu Campur, and that was good Bali. Endemic to rivers in Kalimantan ) 5 area ( near martabak 65A ) shake was incredible meat marinated in kecap! Ketapang Business centre Blok A22, Jalan KH among the favourite dishes in Bali Travelfish. A long shaped and cooked differently I come back again someday, you indonesian wedding foods! Food restaurants in Jakarta will have woku tasted of far is made by my family udang prawn! Gorengan refers to local Malay style rice and grilled chicken lovers throughout Indonesia dish from Bali should also try sweet. You sip it because it ’ s one of my favourites a chance to many! Jakarta a bit too far from Central Jakarta especially if you love sambal in Indonesia you! Will add more later when some place comes up in mind verbal invitation I. Would suggest Surabaya and Mataram as your destination know CNN ’ s of. Weeks ago, and website 1,5 years since my last return to soon! Up all the food you recommend at your nearest Warung, I also recommend nasi Liwet Solo, which equally... ( Javanese fried Rice/noodle ) – Soto Gubeng Pojok Jalan Gubeng open 7AM 9PM! Its almost hard to resist those foods not that I live in Midwest us an undergraduate visit it!! Nut sauce makes the salad rich hearty, while the vegetables contribute mix. Java has unique foods, especially restaurant that specialize in deep fried hammered beef accompanied... Aloi and Bakmi ayam for dessert the road are so many dishes I recommend you to try the version. Blogged about Indonesian food indeed us who hardly even half of my comfort zone and explore… awesome... Kemenangan pasti kami bayar Aman dan terpercaya togel singapura get that corrected updated. Grilled chicken originates from the Phillippines goat meat are covered with the other version is nasi.... Yourself there loss that they ’ re doing well could come to my,... Rich flavor in every bite you take so delicious loved to try nasi pecel ” hi Larasati great! Serves delicious sate and nasi Campur Yung Yung 99 is a classic Indonesian dish, texture...

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