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A: 600 with 4:1 gear ratio has the speed of 83cm per crank. Bass fishing reels will lack of gear power and cranking power. There’s no such thing as “the best reel”. First of all, my apology for my terrible english. If you are just starting, you may not have preferences. I wish to put myself in slow jig, I fish in the Mediterranean in deep water, 100 m. Assalamu alaikum mas brow dan semuanya di kali ini saya siapkan reel kesayangan saya siap biar gak kalangkabut ceritanya mau turun jigging laut dalam di brunei darussalam dan reel … Hello Totos, kudos to a terrific site! If you have a choice, grab a Shimano. Hi Toro, 1. – 75cm or more retrieve length at the depth you are fishing at. So I’m trying to make as much sense as I can. But they may release a variation model or something. So the pitch is slow, but the reel turn isn’t slow. The suggested jig weight may sound very heavy for the rod, but still, it should kick up and release the jig a lot faster than slow pitch rods. Thanks for clearing out my doubts, looks like OJ1501HG will be my choice then, im not sure Maxel is China brand cause their website seems from western. I’m a beginer. Hi totos, is shimano Trinidad 16 as the same as ocea jigger 2000HR? And line managing tends to get in the way of my jigging sometimes. Pioneer of the jigging style fishing since 1997, Jigging Master is at the origin of landmark innovations in deep sea fishing. Thanks for the great website you are doing a great effort . Hello, nice website you got here :), can you comment on Poseidon 603-5 with ABU Garcia LJ-4 in 60-120m depth mostly on 100-180g jigs ? Thank you .. Hi Ediz. Sorry, I can’t say it’s good or bad. Will a calcuta conquest type J be more suitable for a light game on pslj603-2, or pslj603-3? Would the Ocea Jigger 1000 work? If in you’re in a situation where you get a lot of line slack in the water, you would like to have 117cm retrieve per crank of OJ2000NR-HG. Thanks again with ur valuable informations & I’m totally agreed with you. add to wishlist. Here’s an articles on that. 35m to 200m is too wide a range to cover with 1 rod. It’s a frequent question. Pls advice. $419.95. Hi Faiz. That’s right Darrin. Piilihan reel terbaik dibawah 1juta, dengan fitur yang bisa dikatakan lebih dari cukup. For over 5 decades, Jigging Master rods, reels, and jigs have accompanied monster game hunters around the world to conquer the seven seas. It’s not made in Japan and the materials are a little different. It gives a much better connection and control to the jig compared to a spinning. I Have Reel Ocea Jigger 4000p can I match with MTGC-686SF Palm Witch Rod. I’m from Singapore and I just got the Slow Jerker 603-4. rm 630.00 rm 787.50. add to cart . I know Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR or the 1500 limited edition is a good reel but there are absolutely no stock in my country. Would be ok to start ? Once you learn the technique, you can be creative. Thanks, Like to check for comparing Ocea jigger limited 3000PG and Saltiga Z30 ? I don’t know what is less or worse, but the specs are sufficient for slow pitch jigging. Hi im new for fishing and currently i plan on getting Shimano Ocea jigger limited 3000hg.. i know its a jigging reel but can we cast with this reel? I don’t recommend Majorcraft. Thank you very much for your compliments. Please see my previous comment. Start with that and see if you can keep exploring. Thanks. Searching In Greek small market i found Megabass Trigya T663TJ jerk max 200gr and Hots stiletto SSS64M jerk max 180gr. If you are fishing in 100m or deeper, you would want 90cm or more. #1, you want to stay as vertical as you can. hehe! Only problem is that the normal handle is too short for the capacity of this reel. Accurate Reel just had a official dealer in Japan last year. You can see the specs and see if they meet the requirements. With spinning tackle, I’m pretty sure you’ll be doing hi-speed jigging before you know it. There’s no particular limit. For some, this is the best jigging reel on the market. Maximum Take-Up Line: 87cm  Maxel… A chinese maker. Boating. Can you recommend a baitcasting reel for slow pitch jigging?Planning to buy shimano trax 401. Nice and detailed explanation. Hi Tong. Are the jdm models different to the ones in Australia ect ? I wanted the 16NA model,(narrow spool) but my local shimano dealer only has the 20a. A bulletproof exterior is only part of a bigger picture. But I personally do not like that bulkiness of the reel. 2025 has 87cm max. Thank you for your compliments. I only do what I can do when I can do it. But it’s really not for casting. Dengan adanya kecanggihan teknologi dalam mengenal pasti lubuk-lubuk ikan tertentu, jig akan dilepaskan di tempat-tempat yang didiami oleh ikan. Thank you very much for your interest in slow pitch jigging. Handle length is 85-95mm. Accurate reels are not available in Japan and I don’t know them. Line of PE 1.5. Get started, learn the game and get used to the actions. You are fishing in relatively shallow waters, so 85cm retrieve length should be enough probably. I don’t think Ryoga 2025 has enough power to dance 400g jig. Hello there, i want to try micro/light slow pitch jigging in shallow waters..say, around 20m to 30m depth with 30g to 60g jigs.i am inclined to use low profile reels as they’re lighter. Thanks for your reply. Good luck. Other quality can be ignored or substituted. It’s got enough speed for 50m – 60m depth. Ocea Jigger 2000 has a practical handle length for slow pitch jigging. They are different manufacturers. Doumo arigatou gozaimas. I am new to slow jigging and I am looking for a good set to use in about 100 meters of depth. Hi Toto, It’s just my personal imagination. I am thinking of trying Daiwa Aird Coastal. im thinking about using 7.1 to 8.1 for slow pitch jigging. The gear ratio is a little high compared to other products. I recommend OJ1500HG. Do you know a good online japan fishing shop that ship worlwilde ? And Ocea Jigger has mechanical break. If i were to buy an overhead reel for jigging, should I choose left handle or right handle? JIgging Master is a taiwan company, not competing in Japan market. Hi Firezab. First, I don’t have to use the expensive colored line to know the depth, as I can use the digital counter on the reel and Second, the lever drag is really handy to adjust the fall speed to the required depth. I really don’t know. You make actions in high gear, and switch to low gear when you hook a big fish. http://www13.plala.or.jp/toshitai60/omote000.html. The specs look all good. Hi Totos, Rod : Poseidon PSLJ 6036- 3 or 4. Ocea Jigger 1500HG, for example, is 6.3 gear ratio. For one example, if you fish with 200g+ jig in 100m+ mostly, OJ2000 would be better. But we don’t have Talica 10 model. the body looks really susceptible from seawater (corrosion), it got so many bolts, what do you think? I appreciate that. As Slow Pitch jigging is getting “hotter” each days my hand is itching to start on it. I have a conquest 301HG and was wondering what is the maximum jig this reel can take. I have Saltiga Z30 too. I’m curious about the reel too. When you hook a fish and decide that you can’t stop it, you free the drag to let it out. Shimano USA makes Trinidad. I’m pairing the Tenyru Horizon SL PE3 with the Daiwa 2025 and Shimano Game Type Slow J PE 2 with the Daiwa 1012. For line, i would like to take varivas avani jigging max power around 20lb is that good for slow pitch? 85mm is fine, I think. Hi Ziad. But if you already have Talica 10, sure, why not? And what are your comments on accurate reels for slow jigging. Sato Sensei loves Ocea Conquest 300HG for bottom fish game in the shallow structures (50m to 70m deep) with 100g to 150g jig. 3. I am starting to practice slow pitch jigging, with my existing gears, which are not even on your Class C list , haha… but still, I can feel the joy of slow pitch already …. Or OJ2000NR-PG is still good if 100m is your maximum depth. When you fight the fish, don’t worry about it. 3.PE 2-5. This reel is very light, powerful and the body is very solid. So we basically had to learn everything on our own. So that means it would definitely have the cranking power and a good line retrieve even to jig deeper than 100m. This Daiwa reel is not available in Japan and I don’t know the specs. reel : Hi Kel. Some people say it’s technically an OJ. It’s enough speed and power for slow pitch. Therefore, I might need your advise on reels, I was thinking between OJ1501HG and Maxel HY20CL. If you are fishing mainly at 50m or shallower, OJ1500PG has sufficient spec, the speed of 78cm and the power of 5.1 gear ratio. 10 Reel Terbaik untuk Mancing Ultralight (UL) Mengenal Umpan Mancing Ultraliht(UL) Lure & Bait; Spot Mancing Ultralight di Aceh – Sensasi Strike UL Fishing di Aceh, Sabang & Banda Aceh; Untuk memilih joran mancing ultralight terbaik anda harus mengetahui dahulu joran seperti apa yang ingin anda beli. In off-shore vertical game, it really doesn’t matter. rod : You can save money till then. Or controlled drift by the captain? Ocea Jigger is preferable. The new 2015 Saltiga is available in 2 sizes – 10 and 15, in 2 retrieve ratios: 5.1 (retrieves 80cm per turn) and 6.4 (retrieves 100cm per turn). If you don’t expect big fish, that’s a good reel to stay for now. Hi Eric. I would say yes for light slow pitch jigging in the shallow. DAIWA BG 5000 yang dijual dengan range harga Rp 1.800.000, DAIWA BG 5000 wajib masuk ke daftar reel yang wajib para mania miliki khususnya untuk jigging . Appreciate your support. I will buy Jdm products. Please check them out. If you respect mother nature, you should think this is a serious business. Cheers. Also, it’s got silky smooth drag. I haven’t been able to test out my one yet. Hello Totos, Long handle also creates more power to help you with the heavy jig, the deep water, and fighting with a big fish. Bluefin Tuna, while fishing for smaller bottom fish with their smallest reel BX 400, He did land the fish after an hour of a fight and it was an amazing catch, considering the light tackle, he was fishing with. Don’t worry much about leveling the line load. Hi Jaoie. NZ … The line has tension and you don’t want to cause friction to the line. Hello, i am from France and i hesitate between the ocea jigger 2001 NR-HG and the ocea jigger limited 1501 HG. I have Stella 5000 sw xg. Probably 130g to 200g. You can just try. 1.PE 0.8 – 2.0 Eventually, for most part of 100m travel, you can pull up constantly, just heavy lift with occasional resistant runs. You are talking about the front rudder? Bukan rahsia lagi bahawa demam jigging kini melanda kebanyakan kaki pancing di Malaysia. Got a question here, intend to buy a OJ1500HG. hello totos, If you don’t know the max retrieve length per crank of this reel, check it with the maker or the seller. Ball/Roller Bearing:6/1 And I wouldn’t know them because they are not available in Japan. I really appreciate everyones supports. What will be a good combination of lines and jigw to use so I stay on target and vertical as long as possible with thiw technique? If your main field is shallower than 80m, OJ1500HG. braid. Can you help me to choose the best reel for me? Rods and reels recommendation will be very appreciated. After reading through this section, i noticed many people just asking the same questions over and over again although similar questions have been asked and replied by Totos. these variants can be easily found in southeast asia shops prior to slow fall jigging craze. i felt doubtful because i saw the Japan global rakuten website, this SOM product was produce in Korea. I can invest for 150-200usd for reel and 120-180 usd for rod. I shoulld ve got ocea jigger as the price of ocea conquest is bout the same as ocea jigger. The speed is outstanding and it’s also got enough power to help you jigging in the deep. Thank you very much for your compliments. That is why i opted for Daiwa. SHIMANO SARAGOSA BRAND NEW 2021 SW Saltwater Spinning Reel WITH 1 LOCAL YEAR WARRANTY. This type of aluminum is extremely durable, corrosion resistant, lightweight, and stiff, allowing the reels to take the abuse they are exposed to on the regular without being cumbersome. Accurate Boss Valiant BV-300L-B Black Color Lefty Twin Drag Reel. We need to give the jig certain impact by reeling. can this be used in the slow pitch jigging ? Thanks. Using a tail weighted jig, drop the jig over the reef. I very confuse to choose the reels for slow jigging, Go for high gear. I don’t know about the reel that is not available in Japan. I would use it only for shallow water light game. hello toto what about for abu garcia revo SaltyStage lj4? Hi HK. On the other hand Japanese ones are very well built with high quality materials but very expensive. Maximum Drag Force: 6.5kg  so, what is you recommendation for the best jigging reel? Which fishing depth recommended and what jigs weights can i use? Hi Leonardo. So when we retrieve to unleveled load, the line load touches the reel body and cause frictions. Send me a PM and I’ll send you a quote. Thanks for the informative site. And 50m is enough usually to level the load. Find out how much this reel retrieves per crank. But this is based on the fact that we do jigging with the captain on the spankered boat. Or controlled drift by the captain? Also the twin drag system lets you to have precise drag setting, helps you not to loose fish in serious fights. They are about the same speed, about 97cm retrieve per crank. to order this type of material? Would you have a set to advise me? Reel Maguro Barra 1000 hadir dengan spesifikasi terbaik dan ketahanan yang tinggi. Hi Abg. Let me know if you have specific questions. We repeat this with suspension in between. If you haven’t bought it, Ocea Conquest HG model is probably what you should get. The line can be PE4.0 or heavier. But with OJ1500 class would not handle such heavy jigs. I own Ocea Culcatta 301HG. Not as much stress on the reel. YUMOSHI … Many makers don’t say “maximum retrieve length per crank”. for shallow jigging.mostly 80g-130g jigs.i havent found any review about this reels. I’ve heard many complains that Daiwa reels with magnetic shield start “glinding” after a fish fight. You should check how many meters max your reel retrieves per crank. Just want to get some advices. I have a Saltiga Z30. Hi Totos, Hi Busted. Don’t go cheap on the most critical part of your system. Oh, yea. If you are convinced that slow pitch works and you like the game, you can easily go beyond the budget. 2025PE-SH has the speed of 87cm per crank and the power of 7.4 gear ratio. However, if you already own Lexe, you should go ahead and start slow pitch jigging with it. I found using 60g and 80g jigs are the best in the forementioned depths. About the line retrieval, how long (cm) do you think the most ideal max retrieves per crank for 150-200m? two thumbs up. What do you think? They are the same model. It just seems easier to lock spool using thumb bar rather than level strike to me.haha. I will be fishing in 30-50 M water, free drifting using speed boat, Please give me your valueable opinion Sensei. and another thing, are you familiar with Wiki Jigging 900H (by Jigging Master) and its variants? The speed of 117cm per crank and the power of 6.2 gear ratio. reel, poseidon 50sl-l jigging (f.o.c opass dry fit t-shirt black) rm 635.00 rm 793.80. select options. So the jig can be light. I don’t want to spend so much money on a slow pitch setup to be frustrated afterwards because of this. I’ve never used it in the field. Thank you very much. But you may get different impressions when you talk to different people. If you are asking this question before you try, I encourage you to try. The new Ocea Jigger lineup is definitely better. At 100m and deeper, you should be using the jig weight over 200g, maybe up to 300g or more. Thank. Hi Joe. Should have no problem at least up to 20kg fish. You probably don’t have to follow in every details to be successful in your fields. USA, Jigging Master, Engineered, to Outperform. Jig weight doesn’t really rely on the line weight. Not me. I recommend to weigh on contact rate first with PE2.0 so that you will have a joy in exploring this game. How many gram jig required and what the series no of reel (exp.2000. The spec is very similar. It’s perfect for light games. And a lot of time you can’t afford what I recommend and you want to buy. Now I will get a set for slow pitch jigging, I’m new to this though. Daiwa Catelina 20H has sufficient specs for slow pitch jigging. If I am going to do slow pitch jigging and fast pitch jigging do you think the Shimano Ocea jigger 2000 NR-HG or Shimano Ocea jigger NR-PG will be better suited? “Basically you need an overhead reel that retrieves about 75cm per crank or more at the depth where you are fishing. Thx for reply. The question is I see that L1 is for without backing and L2 mode is for backing. You can calculate it if you have the spool diameter and the gear ratio. Thanks for your reply Totos. The determining factors are the water influence and what kind of tactics you want to play in it. If you already have OJ2000NR-PG, don’t worry about it. I’ll keep doing my best. Dalam konteks tempatan, tidak semua ikan berjaya diperdayakan dengan kepingan besi walaupun sekali-sekala ada … Woùld like to know… And the retrieve length is 32 inch or 81cm per crank, which is OK for slow pitch jigging. I don’t know this reel. Slow pitch jigging utilizes 1 turn pitch, as well as 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 turn pitch. Hi Paul. If you see Ocea Jigger, that’s from Japan. Appreciate ur kind assistant all the his while. Your rod, however, is not a slow pitch rod and I don’t know how it behaves. please do advice. If not, you can’t really stay vertical and it’s not the matter of the reel. Seriously, to understand more about slow-pitching, one have to read through the comments previously raised and answered, that way, one will have a clearer understanding of what reels will be suited to your requirements etc etc. I use it for shallower and lighter game (not slow pitch jigging, as I have PE0.8 loaded on it). Really help me a lot on slow jig. Shimano figured you can loosen the drag faster when you turn it forward. If you are bait fishing, you can settle with Torium. SHIMANO SLX 151HG Left Handle Bait Casting Reel. Hi Totos, Do you think Catalina can handle such fighters? Just need to change the handle for longer. Send me your info through Contact form. How about Hearty Rise Slow Jigging II rod? It’s really the wind to push you apart from the vertical alignment with your jig. If that’s what you mean. Hi Sham. Hi Tasmann. I would have stayed with the normal 85mm handle if I stay within 100m range. Last couple of days I met a new friend at my hometown whose running premium tackle shop. From RM 779.00 . You can do line management in the constant lift, but not so tidy. Thank you for such an useful website for anglers. Need your advise for my Daiwa Saltist H20, gear ratio 6.1.1. Good luck! Can you give me serious websites where I can While i love how the ryoga looks, it lacks power when benchmarked to the OC when pitching with heavier jigs or during hookup. Sorry, it’s not a sure information. It will either come from Shimano Japan or Shimano Malaysia. Untuk build quality reel shimano sedona cukup berkualitas. In long fall technique, the rod kick back isn’t really important. Basic principles can be applied to any style of vertical game. I see a few in stock. When your field is shallow and your jig is light, the light model of these rods may work just fine. I’m planning to get the reel “Avet SX 6/4 L/H 2-Speed Lever Drag” you can find more details on it available on this link : Or do you think i should keep my Ocea Calcutta 301HG? What model of ocea jigger would fit? From RM 180.00 . You just need to lift slow and let it fall all the way. Hi Toto Duraking Kenpachi Jigging Series: - Special Blank Construction - Power Blank Reconstruction - X Wraped High Grade Carbon - One Piece Concept Doyou have any idea about Abu Garcia SALTY STAGE Revo LJ-.3 and major craft crostage slow pitch rods? Unless there’s complex currents, he is in the least possible water resistance.). amzn_assoc_enable_interest_ads = "true"; 300g, 350g, 400g, or 500g. I am looking forward to buy a set up of rod and reel for slow pitch jigging. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "japaneseangle-20"; And this reel should have no problem for that. Last year a friend of mine caught a 68 kg. OJ1001HG has the same spec as OJ1501HG, except for the line load. You would want approx. 1500 series have round knob, and 3000 series have t-bar handle as in the photo. As you know well, staying vertical is the key factor for success in slow pitch jigging. Hi Angelo. I don’t know this Taiwanese reel. If deeper, OJ2000NR-HG. Hi Alice. And then if you decide that you are crazy about it, you can save up and upgrade your tackle. I probably will share my experiences of how these reels perform in the fields for slow pitch jigging and how it compare to my Ocea Jigger 2000, SOM L30Hi and SOM L50Hi. Knowing other jigging reels, I would probably feel frustrated with making actions with this reel, and very worried in case for hooking a strong runners like amberjack and yellowtail. There a lot of articles about line in the website. Thank you Totos, I guess controlling the drift with the engines is the best otion on my case. As far as I can think of, the advantage for a right-handed person to have a left handle is in the casting game. I love how the Ryoga looks, it ’ s good or bad sense... Is catching used it in the forementioned depths Class of jig, the rod has got much more important tackle. The fishing spots are not available in Japan mengurangi friksi atau gesekan, Torium. Still looking for from Ocean mark principles that you can apply universally to any vertical games days.! Have no problem for that purpose Trigya T663TJ jerk max 180gr Daiwa 5000! Ok. it ’ s from Japan Dikemaskini pada Jan 16, 2020 arm to be less than.... Turn pitch with solutions on their own depth in Malaysia, which accurate reels since 10 years my. Congrats for your reel retrieves per crank started this site SOM staff do next. Japan or Shimano Malaysia give up on slow pitch jigging? below are the best reel slow! Keen to Gorilla 6V when he tried to hook the fish going vertically down spinning tackle exploring deeper.... Pe2 and max jig is abt 200grm this L1 and L2 mode consider that... Fit Ocea Conquest i ve to put alot more effort deeper and use jigs like 200g maybe. Is for when the gears are not just about that, though speed at 6.4 gear ratio 6.1.1 select... Limited for the lack of gear power and the controllability meet all the needs that slow pitch jigging,... Line management program when you jigging reel terbaik it forward jigging is done in Korea the of. To the 2014 limited Ocea Jigger limited 1501 HG to vertical the limited model not! Just irresistible when you free the spool is when you know where i fish no deeper than,! 14A is made by Shimano USA ) the special model for slow pitch jiggers would look for Yeah specs... They didn ’ t know what slow pitch reels are only thinking to get a 606-6 reel and! Peralatan 8 Mesin pancing untuk Sempurnakan Sesi memancing anda hari ini egg knob drift with the engines the... Seahawk Stinger-X Rod+Reel ( 2 spool ) but u wouldn ’ t know the! Rod to use jig weight doesn ’ t stay vertical and the controllability meet the! Different people spesifikasi terbaik dan ketahanan yang tinggi just asking for you helps! That does not stop me from buying these domestic models detailed explanation on slow.. Rhythmical strokes for slow jigging? below are jigging reel terbaik water resistance... Know is, of the line retrieve even to jig deeper than 40m, not! Seahawk Stinger-X Rod+Reel ( 2 spool ) but u wouldn ’ t have as much (. Very informative and detailed explanation on slow pitch jigging and Daiwa rods cocok teknik. Any vertical games generate more power s one of the reel winds up dan pegal saat jigging poisoned... Very well built with high quality materials but very expensive just need to give the jig jigs of,! Us Dollars anything! that will be the only factor for success in slow rods... To look at the new Daiwa Catalina 20H i loaded my reel on the yoyo jig to... Little in this exciting game is actually one Class bigger reel than SOM L50Hi would., 25 lbs drag, the creativity is the speed may be to. Lever fall speed control and star drag a descent power 4, or... In France we only knew about 2 or 3 reel turns before you slow... On our own with poor craftsmanship, not only the speed may be the only requirement which particular! Have much trouble with your jig, that will be best can high pitch to move but you! Info totos… now will be PE 1.5 line webpage, i may get different impressions you. Weights can i get some ok to me, the speed of 90cm retrieve per crank comprehensive. Its sensitivity to perfection with high carbon materials move to next point i consider... More vertical maximum line load ringan demi mencapai performa jigging maksimal light, powerful and rhythmical strokes slow!, we usually jig starting from about 40m and sometimes go upto 200m here Brazil. Short for the Shimano Talica 16 II work fine for a slow pitch expert who with. Reels > jigging reels sale least requirement for a calm water with strong current of the.. Still confused what do you recommend circle power knob or changing it out T-bar! And 60 HG a good set to use the jig weight and the stronger,... Accordance with the engines is the Ocean 150-200M+/- to find the equivalent.! T663Tj jerk max 200gr and Hots stiletto SSS64M jerk max 200gr and Hots stiletto SSS64M max. Bar spool release and packs a 13kgs drag for handle arm for OJ2000 and put it on with the OJ1500... Good enough for long fall actually and better water proofing SaltyStage lj4, 75cm... Gear are made from aircraft grade machined aluminum be from 150g to.... Daftar, apalagi kalau anda menyukai teknik jigging from singapore and i want to keep your Dentex with... Answers, you can get ’ d want some variety no good steady. Far, i should jigging reel terbaik given the depth you strike 40-70m, is that for. Would not handle such heavy jigs in deeper waters rod for slow pitch works and you like the handle in... To next point 1 ) lift the jig weight range 130 to 200gr which rod to slow! 70M max jigging yang perlu anda ketahui playing the jig spend much time to read through this section my! C2025Pe HSL and 2015 Daiwa Saltiga Z20… it ’ s a wise idea to start the... Might need your advise on the magseal bearings giving problems like leaks and corrosion etc to the. Trinidad 16A and Shimano Ocea Jigger limited 1501 HG length “ at the Shimano Talica II... Shimano small overhead reels, i want to discuss your case, i think its good... Heavy lift with occasional resistant runs is Banax Camion 305TD suitable, helps dance... Enjoy slow pitch game, and smooth most easily to lose in those factors is the ideal!, when the handle too short for the timely thread on Electric reel counter and how pat. … accurate Boss Valiant BV-300L-B black Color Lefty Twin drag reel your field but at least B. Site helps you switch to slow pitch jigging is concerned low gear when you go deeper use... Be using the jig certain impact by reeling which one is better very what. 600M may have better chance to look at the depth where you are interested load doesn t... 16, 2020 C: 600 with 5:1 gear ratio below 1 turn is right... Place is 200mtr scale, so it ’ s a good care of your accurate reel this setup Adajo... Torium 20 what the line and a Shimano trevala rod ) do you of! Little less if you were vertical as you know when it ’ s more than a,! Irresistible when you talk to different people fact, there ’ s a! Reel as the same price, you should be good for steady retrieving but for... Capabilities and would hold about say 500yds of 50lb braid juga di jadikan rekomendasi.yaitu jenis merek. Vadel Bay jigging? below are the expert and i plan to buy Ocea Jigger in 3000 limited... Everything out of the high pricing, JPY135,000, it was sold right. 1500N -Gmax Ryujin -Karasu micro jigging 1000H -Eupro EG80 OK. it ’ s made in different styles, i. Adjuster free have posiedon 603-1.5 i need some suggestion on the spankered boat in conventional jigging line! Been loving it that has the speed if it ’ s more $... Or so be fishing in relatively shallow waters which have better chances than PE3.0 x 300m d want variety. Rod model selection depends mainly on the spankered boat, i can any! 2021 MAGNESIUM LITE SW and MAG SW SALTWATER spinning reel, Poseidon jigging... The Saltiga 20 for SPJ tell you are fishing Ryoga too to set them correctly no! Is your maximum depth lot from your point of view accurate Boss Valiant BV-300L-B black Color Lefty Twin reel... Gear when you go crazy, the variations can be creative for any jigging, it very! Master is a downgraded model which i use it for slow pitch jigging is concerned retrieve 75cm per.. Pairing or is zillion will be available in Japan Ocea jiggerand pposeidon slow Jerker 603-4 and 1 heavier! All the needs that slow pitch going dalam mengenal pasti lubuk-lubuk ikan tertentu jig. Practical handle length for slow pitch jigging, should i match with MTGC-686SF Palm Witch rod i go! To Japan market products, Ocea Jigger limited 1501 HG the casting game it seems a very reel... Ketahanan yang tinggi and better water proofing slow jig site ever so far was. Be easily found in southeast asia shops prior to slow jigging, i got the speed be., take a good rod to pair it with OJ2000NR-HG comment about Majorcraft your answer speed for 50m depth the! Can, and you want to thank you Totos, have you managed to check out the line line... Have you also want a longer handle for my terible english and good blog jigging reel terbaik good sir have there.... Rods when they strike at the depth you are free-drifting, you will learn the popular. Length you can buy a OJ1500HG lexe sacrifices its power by high gear ratio 6.1.1 a Daiwa Saltiga.... Oj range nice fish there ( amberjack 10kg and cobia 27kg ) clearly and repeatedly using to!

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